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Imporant note: Determinants of your healing success

There are just a few determinants that separate those who use this ebook to change their lives forever and those who fail fast, forget all about it and dismiss what they've learned because it's "too complicated" or "too hard".

The single most important determinant is the ability to organize everything. That is why I have now published a resource that takes all that away.


The Sarcoidosis Freedom Cookbook


Sarcoidosis Cookbook



Please take the a couple of minutes to visit the website and if nothing else just read all about this decisive resource.

And that's just the word to describe it - "decisive" because it might easily decide whether you'll be the person to forget all about it or the person that changes their life for good.I know you might be thinking about why Ididn't include all the information in The Sarcoidosis Remission ebook.

The answer to that lies in the fact that The Sarcoidosis Cookbook came much later and is actually my reaction to people telling me that it was too hard for them to organize their lives on the Aden protocol. So, I decided to spare them of all the hassle, endless research and planning.

At that time The Sarcoidosis Remission ebook was long published and could not be amended according to a binding contract with my publisher.Even if you don't try anything from The Aden Protocol, the Cookbook provides you with the world's most relevant information on avoiding the greatest food offenders in sarcoidosis that otherwise reach your plate every day.

So, it's just my way of trying to make it all feasible and lower the number of people that just give up.

The team here at Aden Protocol is completely dedicated to customer satisfaction. If you have any technical issues, contact us at and we will resolve any problem that might arise, technical or otherwise - most of the time within a couple of hours.

Yours in healing thoughts,

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